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Carbon offset

May 30, 2011

I know.
The poor don’t fly much or drive cars.
Why not pay them to walk – better still, to crawl – while the rich fly first-class and drive around in their limousines, because their frugality, although incidental, can be exploited.
It seems to me to make as much sense as paying some anonymous company to plant trees that would almost certainly be planted even if you didn’t.
Why don’t the business community travel less.
Many business meetings can surely be done via the internet – doesn’t every business person own a laptop that they throw open proudly at such face-to-face meetings as their expense account allows – such junkets are offset on the companies profits – so, basically, the poor pay anyway!

Don’t the poor pay for everything?
Doesn’t everyone pay for everyone else?
Except in America…where no one wants to pay for anyone else’s health-care