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division – not the first…………..!

September 30, 2012

In the UK we were told we had a ‘classless’ society in the 80’s/90’s.
Then we heard about a new invention. a new discovery – the underclass: a new strata of society on which to pile all of its ills.
I’m unemployed and unable to work due to disability/illness and so I’m probably one of the underclass.
I’m just trying to point-out that there are always divisions in society.
Margaret Thatcher told us we had no society; just a collection of individuals – now nice David Cameron talks about some ethereal ‘Big Society’ that no one can define.
But we have divisions – we are human, we like to shove ourselves into a group; a pigeon hole; somewhere we feel safe.
The thing is, now-a-days, it seems to me that we are only a collection of individuals.
The wealthy and the rich are of course a homogeneous group – they keep their wealth close to themselves – they do not share: they like to be independent.
The problem is that we are encouraged to be individuals and to be independent – we are encouraged to believe we are better being individuals and to stay separate from the ‘herd’.
We should always assert our right to stand out from the crowd.
“They” (big business and global politics) want us to feel better as individuals, to feel more empowered by doing what we alone want,and to do it alone.
They want us to be single people – individuals – they want us to be alone in the crowd: they want us to be divided.
They are afraid of the power of a united group of nobodies – because united we are powerful.
Divided we fall – divided we have less power to complain, less power to alter things to make them better for ‘us’.
Individuality is promoted as a right – it is only thus to keep us all separate and weak.

A divided society

September 30, 2012

The term “middle class” is first attested in James Bradshaw’s 1745 pamphlet Scheme to prevent running Irish Wools to France.[1][2] The term has had several, sometimes contradictory, meanings. It was once defined by exception as an intermediate social class between the nobility and the peasantry of Europe.[by whom?] While the nobility owned the countryside, and the peasantry worked the countryside, a new bourgeoisie (literally “town-dwellers”) arose around mercantile functions in the city. Another definition equated the middle class to the original meaning of capitalist: someone with so much capital that they could rival nobles. In fact, to be a capital-owning millionaire was the essential criterion of the middle class in the industrial revolution. In France, the middle classes helped drive the French Revolution.

Cleggs apology.

September 27, 2012

Nick Clegg has a lot to be sorry for.
He should apologise – all he did (about the broken promise on fees) was to act-out an apology.
He tells the Lib-Dems that are ‘doing the right thing’, when in fact they are doing nothing but rubber stamp the policies of a right-wing, divisive, get-our-own-back, Tory party.
None of the idiots at Conference know what real people think.
They never meet real people in real situations.
Those that do are probably kept away from the microphone.
These people are politicians – Stalin was a politician.
Hitler began as a politician.

Created Equal

September 26, 2012

We are all born equal?
Yeah! Like, yeah!
Definitely (said with some irony).
Maybe we are all born equal – but some are born More equal than others.
And they usually vote Tory!