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Hednesford in the rain.

October 27, 2012

It’s a place to keep away from
Just an ordinary small town.
Long time since they used to stable race-horses in the vicinity.
Mines abounded around there.
Soon, it’ll have a modern Tesco Superstore thrust into the innards of its tiny local economy.
Hednesford town-centre will bleed to death.
Slowly it will haemorrhage its life into the bright white and red and blue of Tesco and its special-offers and highly-piled shelves of tinned goods and jars or ready made sauces.
The local baker will eventually give up and close down.
The wasps won’t be investigating the cream-cakes – there’ll be no cream-cakes to investigate – and the crumbs in the window will be like pebbles in their absolute staleness.
Tesco will win the price wars.
Tesco will win the promotions battles – BOGOFF – buy-one-get-one-for-free – will be their battle cry.
Tesco will win.
The local Co-op will capitulate and move to somewhere less competitive to charge their exorbitant prices.
Tesco will win – it’s bigger; more capitalistic.
It will under-cut its rivals.
It will close down the small shops.
It will decimate the shopping town – there is already a Tesco Superstore only a couple of miles way.
Tesco will saturate the area.

The Northern Ireland question

October 22, 2012

The Irish kicked the Picts of of Scotland all those years ago.

Later, in 1707 (just turned 5 past 5) was the act of political union between Scotland and England when the United Kingdom of Great Britain came into being.
Earlier, in 1603 (just before 5 past 4), there was the Union of the Crowns (March 1603) with the accession of James VI, King of Scots, to the thrones of England and Ireland, and the consequential unification of Scotland with both realms under a single monarch.
Anyway, some time later some Scots went back to Ireland and lived in Ulster.

So why don’t we, if Scotland votes for independence, let them sort out the problems in northern Ireland.

But those Scot in Ulster want to remain British.

Apathy now an expression of belief?

October 21, 2012

Ian Warwick Blair, Baron Blair of Boughton, QPM, the retired British policeman who held the position of commissioner of police of the metropolis, now tells us not to vote in the forthcoming elections for Police Commissioners in England.

He doesn’t seem to think that the elections are for a properly thought-through or competent position.

This knight of the realm has some experience of such jungles – maybe we should listen to him and not vote……………

Zoro and the paper tissue scandal.

October 21, 2012


Nicholas Cage is Advertising paper towels on TV.
His character – Juan Sheet.

The author

October 20, 2012

The author falls so deeply
So quickly
Insanely and completely
The author tumbles
Desperately trying
With no chance of winning

Police commissioner?

October 12, 2012

So the Ads tell us to be sure to vote for our new Police chief, our Commissioner of Police (sounds a hell of a lot like Bruce Wayne.s Batman adventures) so we can become involved and choose which crimes should get priority for investigation.
Maybe they mean which crimes should get investigated at all.
Maybe they mean the Commissioner of Police could decide which sectors of Society should have their crimes investigated.
The bigger the home – the more cars on the drive – the more priority is should have on the “crime-scale”.
For God’s sakes, shouldn’t every crime be investigated?
Should we be able to vote as to if we can drive our cars over the speed limit?
Should mugging only be investigated if the victim wears leather shoes?
Should a burglary only be investigate if it is committed on a house that is owner-occupied? – let’s not bother on Council estates…
Is that what they are trying to tell us?
Are they trying to divide this society even more into, not just the haves-and-have-nots, but the ‘those worthy of help and the undeserving’???????

New Advice for burglars

October 10, 2012

Following the Tory party conference, the Health and Safety Executive are issuing new advice for burglars.

It now recommends that they wear Stab-vests on all of their visits to premises………….

Southern Slope

October 5, 2012

On the hill
The wind slips up and over.
Like it always has
As when the standing-stones stood and stared
Through clouds
The winter’s sun sent its milky glow
And Oak trees cast distant shadows

Up that same hill last evening
Slid the fog
The moonlight glinting on its moisture
And the street lights throwing cones
With which to grip its passing being

It unrolled over the grass that lies below the wooden fence
That decaying and broken wooden fence
Where the frost lies in winter
Next to the asphalt footpath
And the curve of the road
The leaves are hidden from the wind
And remain
To glint on crisp mornings
Like stars sparkling
In the evening sky
Less dark than the lurking ground


hedges on that southern slope