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An ‘old’ blog

November 16, 2012

I’ve been being sad.
I’ve been being sad in the same places in which I was happy.
My sadness is, however, beginning to lift.
My life was heading downwards.
I had nothing to blog about except the dark space that surrounded me.
I have found a bulb and screwed it in.
It’s incandescence is reassuring and the brightness is growing.
Depression is a good friend of mine – but sometimes he can be a nuisance.
Thanks for your interest.
I’ll probably be up and about and back on solids sometime soon.
Love is everywhere if one looks…………………

In town – and the shopping trolley

November 15, 2012

I had the only shopping trolley in the tiny supermarket.
A woman asked me if she could have it when I’d finished with it.
I told her ‘yes’.
She waited outside.
When I got through the door I took my bags out and said she could have it if she gave me the £ coin.
She nodded her head and pushed the trolley to the trolley park.
She pushed in the clip and ‘my’ £ coin came out.
She handed it to me.
Then she pushed in her £ coin and wheeled the trolley away.
And I thought all £ coins were of the same value!

On the bus

November 1, 2012

On the bus.

A young couple sat in front of me.
They were drinking cans of coke.
She drained her can and placed it on the floor…
Such expert littering deserves some kind of mention, some kind of prize.
I didn’t see where he put his emptied can, but I doubt that he took it with him when he left the bus.
Two cans of coke left, empty, on the bus.
Obviously it is their right as young, socially aware citizens to leave rubbish where they choose.
Their parents pay taxes!

Opposite this young couple sat a creature of fashionably indeterminate gender.
The creature slouched in the corner of the seat that faces backward.
Talking in complaining tones.
He had Henna designs painted on the palms of his hands and winding up the inside of his forearms.
He answered his mobile phone when it rang.
He spoke to the caller while at the same side pulling dismissive expressions to his comrades, the young litterers.
The conversation turned to his medical condition..
It turns out he has jaundice.
Why the hell does he paint his skin when that act in itself can cause liver problems!
Of course, it is his right.
I suppose.

Too many of this generation do things and have no idea of the consequences.
Too many of this generation have no idea that actions cause reactions.
So many of this generation have decided that their rights far outweigh any responsibilities they have – they are not irresponsible, they just have no idea of reality.
A Staffordshire University student boarded the bus at the University.
I heard him complain in a jaunty manner to his friends:
“I never have a ticket, they are just a nuisance: I just throw them away”.
Also I have seen people just accept the ticket and immediately put it into the bin.
Maybe noone of them have ever come across a ‘jobs-worth’ ticket inspector.
Maybe he doesn’t realise that any money he gives to the driver and for which he doesn’t take a ticket for might be just slipped into the driver’s wallet.
Maybe he doesn’t take receipts of any sort – maybe he never has to return faulty goods.
Maybe he will learn – or maybe he won’t.