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March 17, 2013

Is there a point?

Do we do it to please an idea: the idea of God.

Do we do – all of it – for ourselves.

Ourselves (plural) – not our-self.

We have a self: the id or the ego – I’m no expert.

Unity is strength – unity is divine – it is god.

God is our joint psyche – our joined souls are God.

But the idea continues to evolve……………………


Gun Contol in the US

March 16, 2013

Seen on a blog……………….a YouTube video

A response written is as follows…..

“Exactly. We need to protect ourselves against the government so if need be, we can give rise to another civil war like before.
Ok, sure, so large numbers of kids and movie goers will get slaughtered and we will have to live in a culture of fear and violence, it’s just the price we pay for freedom.”

WTF kind of freedom is it?

Or is there some irony I have missed? But American humour is usually so anemic

Iain Duncan Smith

March 14, 2013

Iain Duncan Smith

What goes around, comes around.
Iain Duncan Smith is the new Gobbels

Proganda and lies tumble freely from his mouth

Bedroom Tax BS.

March 12, 2013

Cameron ‘justifies’ this benefit reduction by saying the total spend on housing benefit has to be reduced AND that this move will make the apportioning of housing fair (or fairer) because single people won’t be stranded with excess rooms and families will be given adequate accommodation.

The problem is, however, if, eventually, everyone gets a suitable home with the ‘correct’ number of rooms, no one will pay Bedroom Tax – so no money will be saved at all.

It shows-up the lie that lurks behind Cameron’s smiling words.

It reinforces the idea that the Tories do broadcast untruths.

It adds weight to the theory that all of these benefit changes/cuts/alterations are intended, primarily, to punish the less well-off.

That wonderfully bigoted zealot, Iain Duncan Smith tells us he wishes to free those on welfare from the strangle-hold of poverty- he tells us that universal benefits are part of this attempt. But,really, IDS is trying to make the poor suffer – he is making them destitute to liberate them from the benefit merry-go-round. He is making them poorer to allow them to find dignity.

He is telling porkies in his monotone drawl – but you  cannot question a zealot.

LibDem Spring Conference. (Boing)

March 8, 2013

I heard some libdem representative. Telling the reporter how relaxed she was about the impending conference…………..telling us that the libdems made policies at their conference while other parties didn’t.

So they make policies and then abandon them when they lick the Tory back-side to get a sniff of power and are relaxed because they know they never achieve anything; they just sit back and allow bigoted zealots interfere with lives about which they have no comprehension.

So Cleggie will make his speeches and the idiots in the hall will applaud and nothing will change in their universes.

– Wait until April when the cut-backs begin to bite……………when the benefit reductions begin…………….when the bedroom tax begins to take effect……………then let them see what they have achieved.

If they bother to look of course….if they take notice.



North Korea Could Attack Japan or South Korea, Not The US

March 8, 2013


So it’s all OK!
America is safe – no more need to worry.