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Unity and division

June 29, 2013

Commerce and Governments wants us to be individuals, but not to be independent.

As individuals we are alone, but we are not independent.

We can never be independent in today’s world:

Unless we live in a bubble, we need the help of others to, at least, maintain the items we use to progress through our day.

With this hi-tech world we need experts to help us and smooth our path.

But they are ‘them’ and we remain ‘us’.

Our differences are encouraged and promoted.

We are motivated to live for today; live for ourselves.


The idea of equality is advanced by vested interests.

Equality is important. Of course it is.


How can we all be equal when we are not all the same?

How can we have equality when this society is so divided?

How can we be a society when differences are emphasised and exaggerated.

How can we ever pull together when so many sides are facing each other?

How can we ever face a united force with division?

How can we achieve anything if we all argue about our aims?

How can we have a counter-argument if we all say different words?

How can we face the foe if we all face in different directions?

How can we ever succeed if we are fighting one another?

How can we ever be united if we all seek different endings?

How have we reached this low place – we are so divided because our individual rights have consumed our right to be an important part of humanity.

Out individuality is promoted and praised – because as an individual we are weak and easily manipulated.


Unity is strength.
Divided we are weak!

Uniqueness is being bred out……………!

June 28, 2013

We visit towns – with the same stores as any other town.
No ‘local shops’, no unique stores.
Just a production line of selling spaces.
We can do this 7 days per week in cars we are supposed to use less.
We can use these cars – the ones we are supposed to use less – to travel to out-of-town shopping malls, and buy items we can buy at every other town or mall.
We can buy more stuff we don’t need.
We can find try jobs to work at for 40 hours per week until we are 67.
Just so we can buy these things we do not need.
By buying these unnecessary items we support our economy.
We support the wealthy – we make them more wealthy.
We can do this in our leisure hours – we can enjoy doing this.
We can use retail therapy to cure the ills that long hours and so much shopping causes us to feel.
We can enjoy curing ourselves.
I can travel to a near-by town to a store with almost as much floor-area as my local town centre to buy some of these items.
The store is built on the site of an old industrial estate.
Once there were factories here that built necessary item that we could export and make money for the country as a whole.
Now, we just import and make money for the wealthy.

Toffs & conscience

June 25, 2013

I do not think it is on the curriculum at Public school.

This Government is devoid of philanthropists.
It is packed with zealots and small-minded fools who believe (because they want to?) that the ills of society are all down to the less well-off.

Iain Duncan smith has the tiniest mind of all – he proved his dumbness when he tried to lead the Tory Party – now he is trying to make amends for that dismal failure.

The ethnic-cleansing, the social-cleansing, the ghettos he is designing are all attempts at proving his worth as a right-wing tough-guy.

Apparently he is a religious man – I hope he has his excuses written on his cuff for when he eventually meets his maker………………

Socialist Eddie must be stretching his hymen with his contortions as he desperately tries to do nothing in case he offends someone and looses support. He has no support – none at all from me.