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July 25, 2013

.a place for the frightened rich to protect their opinionated views

G4S has been award a new contract to protect the huge repository of prejudices situated somewhere in the Home Counties.
In addition to their security duties, minimum waged uniformed officers will carry cans of Mr Sheen and dusters to maintain the high polish of the bigotry as they mince around the inner-perimeter on patrol.
No details of the location were given in by G4S as it revealed the multi-million pound deal.
G4S said the new contract was caused by the need to move to larger premises because of lack of space in the old warehousing area that held – or had begun to fail to hold – Tory bias and dogma.

The DC who isn’t a racing driver.

July 25, 2013

Big-Dave Cameron.
The Millionaire.
The millionaire politician.
The millionaire politician who used to claim DLA for his disabled son, but has now denied it to many, many poor people.
The millionaire.
Who claims to want to protect the vulnerable.
Whose cut-backs mean fewer Police.
Whose cut-backs mean no legal aid.
Whose cut-backs mean less help for the needy.
Who gives tax-cuts to the rich and the bedroom-tax to the poor.