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Modern Tory-ism

March 29, 2015

The Tories, under ‘yes-man’ David Cameron – with the assistance of ‘get-my-own-back-man’ Ian Duncan Smith (both of whom are Millionaires) – are intent of reducing the size of the State.

In order to achieve this, they are making the State a big-enough bully to be able to force the weak and the vulnerable to take-care of themselves.
Ability to do so doesn’t matter.

The idea of democracy in this Dis-United Kingdom, is one that is propagated in Westminster – but has withered and died in the rest of the country.

Be selfish this May – vote Tory!

Division. Divide-and-rule.

March 8, 2015

Why are there so many “ism’s” that it is possible to be accused of?
Why are the accusers most likely to be of or around the same social standing as those whom they accuse?
I wonder who dreamt-up these outrageous distinctions.
I wonder if they are constructions of the rich and powerful.
I wonder if they are not just new, modern tactics in the divide and rule strategy that those ‘at the top’ have used since the year dot to maintain some control over their inferiors.
Why do some self-important social crusaders get so terribly aggressive in their promotion of their ideas of equality and belittle the little-people.
The politically-correct never seem to join-forces and campaign about anything that will increase my equality.
We can never all be equal.
We can never all be the same.
Because we are all unique.
It is our uniqueness that adds to our humanity.
It is our humanity that needs reinforcing – all that the ‘ism’ clan do is to drive us apart and emphasise our differences.
It is our humanity that unites us – don’t let the ‘do-gooders’ divide us!