Politicians and Millionaires.

I heard a Liberal peer BBC radio 5live this morning.
I don’t know if the poor dear was asthmatic, or just trying (& failing) to sound sexy with her breathless voice.
She was being ‘interviewed’ by multi-millionaire presenter, Adrian Chiles.
So, two WEALTHY people chatting on the radio about government measures that will effectively force some poor people even more deeply into poverty.
…as if it is a subject of which they have first-hand experience….

She was telling him that the government plans to cut-back Tax-credits will lead to many low-paid families losing up to £3,000 a year.
She was asking that the lords vote against this move so that the government could then have time to think again.
She rounded-off by adding that if the Government brought forward proposals that meant only NEW claimants would lose-out, that this would be easily passed by the house of lords.

So, actually, she doesn’t mind certain people being forced into poverty.

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