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Fairness according to the Tories

December 12, 2015

I saw the advert which tells potential home-owners that if they can afford to save for the deposit to a house, then the Government will contribute a maximum of £3000 towards this.
So, if you are wealthy, and can afford a deposit – and so therefore a mortgage – this generous Tory government will assist you in making the biggest purchase of your life.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you are poor, and live on benefits in rented accommodation with a spare bedroom, this generous Tory government will deduct 13% from your housing benefit and cause you to pay the 13% of the rent from your meagre Job Seekers Allowance or Sickness Benefit or Employment Support Allowance.

The poor ARE subsidising the rich.

But it has always been thus.


𝓕𝓻𝓮𝓮 𝓢𝓹𝓮𝓮𝓬𝓱:

May 21, 2015

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓽𝓸 𝓼𝓪𝔂 “𝓘 𝓽𝓸𝓵𝓭 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓼𝓸” 𝓫𝓮𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓮 𝓲𝓽 𝓷𝓮𝓮𝓭𝓼 𝓼𝓪𝔂𝓲𝓷𝓰!!

Modern Tory-ism

March 29, 2015

The Tories, under ‘yes-man’ David Cameron – with the assistance of ‘get-my-own-back-man’ Ian Duncan Smith (both of whom are Millionaires) – are intent of reducing the size of the State.

In order to achieve this, they are making the State a big-enough bully to be able to force the weak and the vulnerable to take-care of themselves.
Ability to do so doesn’t matter.

The idea of democracy in this Dis-United Kingdom, is one that is propagated in Westminster – but has withered and died in the rest of the country.

Be selfish this May – vote Tory!