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The need for voting reform. The need for democracy.

June 2, 2015

I heard Margaret Becket – that wonderful Labour politician of old, ‘pronouncing’ on democracy, yesterday.
She was replying to some point about how we needed voting reform.
About how unfair it was that UKIP and the greens got a total of 5 million votes but only 2 MP’s between them.
She announced that we “didn’t need voting reform” – that the people had “Spoken!”
Oh no they haven’t, Ms Becket –
= She said that, in 2010, the people wanted a coalition and so they got one.
And that in 2015, they wanted the Tories and so they got them.
NO! They didn’t say that, Ms Becket – 37% of those who voted wanted the Tories – 63% of those who voted DIDN’T want the Tories.
So the people didn’t ask for what they got – the way the votes are counted gave them what the system decided!
The people DID NOT decide.
The voting system we have at the moment gives Politicians what they want – it gives them the final say.
There is no democracy in Britain – democracy only exists in Westminster.
We have a parliamentary democracy – a democracy that is, ultimately, in the control of the Politicians.


LibDem Spring Conference. (Boing)

March 8, 2013

I heard some libdem representative. Telling the reporter how relaxed she was about the impending conference…………..telling us that the libdems made policies at their conference while other parties didn’t.

So they make policies and then abandon them when they lick the Tory back-side to get a sniff of power and are relaxed because they know they never achieve anything; they just sit back and allow bigoted zealots interfere with lives about which they have no comprehension.

So Cleggie will make his speeches and the idiots in the hall will applaud and nothing will change in their universes.

– Wait until April when the cut-backs begin to bite……………when the benefit reductions begin…………….when the bedroom tax begins to take effect……………then let them see what they have achieved.

If they bother to look of course….if they take notice.