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Housing sell-off

May 28, 2015

Remember nice Mr David Cameron, our wonderful leader, all that time ago, when he stated that social housing should be for those in need.
When he said, that nice, smoochy David Cameron, that when tenants of social housing reached a certain earnings limit, that they would have to move.
The thoughts of David Cameron.
He thought it a good idea to insist that those who could afford it should vacate social housing – that those who had reached a level of wealth that allowed them to, to leave and buy their own home in the private sector.
Well, now, nice, smoochy, gorgeously beautiful David Cameron has had second thoughts.
Maybe someone who is his senior in Government (a Tory Grandee) has decided it would buy the Tories more votes to give-away (sell-off at a huge discount – same thing, basically.) houses in the social sector.
So, to further divide a divided Britain, a second sell-off of homes is to be legislated for.
A shredded Britain will ensure.
A Britain that dangles from the lamp-posts like strips of cheap rag will result.
Everyone is out for themselves.
No one wants to pay for anyone else.
But how long will it be before people realise that everyone pays for everyone else in Capitalism.
We all pay the profits, we all pay the benefits.

Division. Divide-and-rule.

March 8, 2015

Why are there so many “ism’s” that it is possible to be accused of?
Why are the accusers most likely to be of or around the same social standing as those whom they accuse?
I wonder who dreamt-up these outrageous distinctions.
I wonder if they are constructions of the rich and powerful.
I wonder if they are not just new, modern tactics in the divide and rule strategy that those ‘at the top’ have used since the year dot to maintain some control over their inferiors.
Why do some self-important social crusaders get so terribly aggressive in their promotion of their ideas of equality and belittle the little-people.
The politically-correct never seem to join-forces and campaign about anything that will increase my equality.
We can never all be equal.
We can never all be the same.
Because we are all unique.
It is our uniqueness that adds to our humanity.
It is our humanity that needs reinforcing – all that the ‘ism’ clan do is to drive us apart and emphasise our differences.
It is our humanity that unites us – don’t let the ‘do-gooders’ divide us!

My MP!

November 21, 2014

My MP:

A cardboard cut-out Tory yes-man in ‘safe’ Tory seat.
He spouts the party line – he knows nothing about reality.
He wears a suit that is a size too large for him.
My vote against is a waste of effort.
A waste of a ballot paper and an X.

Labour have no chance round here.


Will they stand round here?
Tactical voting?
But it could misfire.

Who is the scrounger?

August 31, 2013

So, Eddie.
You were elected to lead.
Your country needs you.
It needs you to do something.
It needs you to stop poking your finger…:
So stop poking your pathetic, thin, spindly, middle-class finger across the polished wood of that polished place in parliament.
And DO something.
Remember – you are terribly privileged.
It needs you to raise a voice – your voice
Say something with your tiny, weak, overly-polite middle-class voice.
End your silence and speak.
Raise a point of order in order to raise your point.
Assert yourself.
Take an assertiveness courses – the tax-payer will pay.
The tax-payer pays your salary – yet you do nothing.
You claim benefits – are yours being cut?
Are you facing cuts to pay for the bankers ‘mistakes’ and fiddles?
Will your children go short?
Will they go hungry or eat sandwiches instead of a cooked meal?
Will they hell.
You, Ed Miliband are a Tory.
We need OLD Labour.
We need a statesman – and all we have is you…

Socialist Eddie..!

August 31, 2013

Sit on your fence, Eddie.
Stay seated in the comfortable position of inaction.
Stay silent in case you offend someone you don’t want to offend.
Remain silent lest you make a mark in history.
The only mark you make is a skid-mark in your Y-fronts.
But do not worry – for you are rich and getting richer.
Turn over the TV when the poor and needy appear.
Turn the page on reports of nasty things.
Inure yourself.
Get used to the Tory cruelty.
It isn’t in your world, for your world is ethereal and of politics….of ideas and perfection.
Your world isn’t my world my friend.
You are a friend who I detest – but on whom I rely to change my world.
A friend I need but a friend who needs to act.
To act instead of sitting on the fence.
I know it is a nice fence – a safe fence with no nasty sharp barbed-wire.
But a fence that is safe for whom?

Chav carers?

August 4, 2013

Are children just a status symbol now?

I remember back in the 60’s/70’s Tory MP’s berating Soviet mothers who returned to work and left their kids in nursery.
Now Tories want every mother to get their nose back on the middle-class grindstone ASAP.
Do they wonder who is employed at these nurseries?
They sure aren’t middle-class.
How long before the ‘working-class’ will be renamed the ‘servant-class’?
Just like the old days.
The people these greedy, luxury seeking two-working-parent family, EXPECT to take care of their spoilt children are probably from sturdy Chav stock.
Tamsine and Jocasta are being cared-for by – what the Tories are calling – the dregs of society.
But mummy and daddy have to get back to their non-jobs in the city to ensure the Caribbean Cruise and Sky TV and designer clothing and fast cars.
Someone else can save the Earth and look after their kids – they are too busy being greedy.
Working-class parents on the dole have kids to get Tax-credits.
I see them on the bus.
Father Scrounger sitting near a toddler and holding the handlebars of a luxury stroller.
Mommy Scrounger, pregnant with bulging stomach, sitting and holding the handlebars of another luxury stroller.
Three kids with another in the barrel.
£400 a week + their ordinary benefits.
Where is this guy going to find work that pays better?

New Royalty

August 4, 2013

[Half of the coalition.]
Neither of these words apply to the ‘party’ who display them on their banners.
Or do they use banners today?
Banners need somebody to carry them – somebody to do physical work….these filthy, obscene and corrupt politicians never get their hands dirty actually ‘doing’ something.
Politicians are the new Royalty – the new Emperors with designer clothes.
They delegate, or pass the blame.
They talk and procrastinate.
They get paid to discuss and decide – and tell someone else to do their dirty work.
This way they can believe they remain blameless.
If they find this difficult – they can always assign the guilt to one of their minions……………


July 25, 2013

.a place for the frightened rich to protect their opinionated views

G4S has been award a new contract to protect the huge repository of prejudices situated somewhere in the Home Counties.
In addition to their security duties, minimum waged uniformed officers will carry cans of Mr Sheen and dusters to maintain the high polish of the bigotry as they mince around the inner-perimeter on patrol.
No details of the location were given in by G4S as it revealed the multi-million pound deal.
G4S said the new contract was caused by the need to move to larger premises because of lack of space in the old warehousing area that held – or had begun to fail to hold – Tory bias and dogma.

The DC who isn’t a racing driver.

July 25, 2013

Big-Dave Cameron.
The Millionaire.
The millionaire politician.
The millionaire politician who used to claim DLA for his disabled son, but has now denied it to many, many poor people.
The millionaire.
Who claims to want to protect the vulnerable.
Whose cut-backs mean fewer Police.
Whose cut-backs mean no legal aid.
Whose cut-backs mean less help for the needy.
Who gives tax-cuts to the rich and the bedroom-tax to the poor.

Unity and division

June 29, 2013

Commerce and Governments wants us to be individuals, but not to be independent.

As individuals we are alone, but we are not independent.

We can never be independent in today’s world:

Unless we live in a bubble, we need the help of others to, at least, maintain the items we use to progress through our day.

With this hi-tech world we need experts to help us and smooth our path.

But they are ‘them’ and we remain ‘us’.

Our differences are encouraged and promoted.

We are motivated to live for today; live for ourselves.


The idea of equality is advanced by vested interests.

Equality is important. Of course it is.


How can we all be equal when we are not all the same?

How can we have equality when this society is so divided?

How can we be a society when differences are emphasised and exaggerated.

How can we ever pull together when so many sides are facing each other?

How can we ever face a united force with division?

How can we achieve anything if we all argue about our aims?

How can we have a counter-argument if we all say different words?

How can we face the foe if we all face in different directions?

How can we ever succeed if we are fighting one another?

How can we ever be united if we all seek different endings?

How have we reached this low place – we are so divided because our individual rights have consumed our right to be an important part of humanity.

Out individuality is promoted and praised – because as an individual we are weak and easily manipulated.


Unity is strength.
Divided we are weak!